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Our task in R.E. today was to think about Jesus’s words in Luke’s Gospel where He asks us to ‘love our enemies.’ We read the scripture and had a class debate which was very interesting, hearing arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’ God’s way. We decided that loving our enemies was not an easy idea, but we respected and believed Jesus’s words, so we went on to think about how we could put this into action in our own lives.

This morning we had our Reconciliation Service which was prayerful, and the children’s behaviour throughout was excellent. IMG_0663IMG_0659IMG_0660IMG_0662IMG_0664

Science Week in Y4

We had two very interesting talks for Science Week and they fitted with our current topic ‘Light.’

Mrs. Roxby who taught us more about radiotherapy, x – rays and the way we can use ultra violet light to make our own ‘x – ray’ images. We really enjoyed this activity and we were lucky enough to have  a sunny morning to carry out the experiment.

Dr. Wostenholme taught us about chromatography using inks from permanent and non permanent markers. We discovered that there are lots of colours mixed together to make brown ink and we could separate these out using chromatography. She told us about how scientists can use chromatography to spot fake works of art by analysing paint.

In our Science lessons, we sorted light sources into ‘natural’ and ‘artificial.’ We realised that some objects are just reflective or shiny and are not light sources. We also investigated which materials cast the strongest and weakest shadows. Wood cast the strongest shadow because it was most opaque. Bubble wrap cast the weakest shadow since it is transluscent.

World Book Day in Y4

We enjoyed hearing ‘Canary Across the Mersey’ read to us and hearing from the author Dr. Mike Boyle. Mae won our costume competition. Well done to all who dressed up as favourite book characters. We believe that by the time Mrs. Marsh entered the room in full Hogwart’s regalia, we had in fact broken the world record for the largest number of Harry Potters and Hermiones in one classroom!


Raising Money for St. Luke’s

We had lovely weather yesterday for our Bake Sale. Thank – you to everyone for your donations of cakes, biscuits etc. and really well done to the children for their enthusiasm in organising and selling. We do not know the final totals yet, but thank you to all for your generous giving. The children really enjoyed it.

Class Assembly on Friday 15th

It will be our class assembly on 15th Feb at 9am in the hall. Please come if you can. The theme is Chinese New Year. The children have some words to practise and learn if possible. There is also a song to learn. All the children were given a script today which they can take home to practise.

We will make some masks and a few other things for the assembly in school, but please could the children dress in black, red, white, yellow/gold as these are the traditional colours of Chinese New Year?

Thank – you for your support.