24 Hour Read


Please see message below from Mrs Pearson that was sent out via email last week. We will send out additional A3 sheets if needed. We would love to see what the children are reading! Thank you.

As part of our Reading for Pleasure project, we would like all children to take part in a ’24 Hour Read.’ This is an activity for children to do at home where they create a collage or picture to record what they have read over a 24 hour period, both at home and school. They will then bring it back to school to share.
This is not a test! No judgements will be made! The purpose of the activity is to help teachers to get to know more about the children as readers. It is also to encourage children to see themselves as readers, even if they don’t choose to read books. Reading on screens, reading comics, reading whilst gaming, reading instructions, reading street signs, texting, reading food packets, are all examples of a range of valuable reading experiences.
Children will be given a sheet of A3 paper to complete the activity at home. Please return them to the class teacher by Wednesday 31st March so that we can look at them together.