Topic Homework for Y4

Y4 Homework Task 26 3 19 to be returned on  Mon 15 4 19 so that we can prepare for our Geography Topic Celebration Afternoon on 24 4 19

Latitude Longitude City
53.4 N 1.5 W Sheffield
51.5 N 0.9 W London
48.8 N 2.3 E Paris
52.5 N 13.4 E Berlin
48.2 N 16.4 E Vienna
37.9 N 23.7 E Athens
41.4 N 2.1 E Barcelona
53.3 N 6.2 W Dublin
38.7 N 9.1 W Lisbon
52.3 N 4.9 W Amsterdam

What kind of game could you make up using these city co – ordinates, or others, or a mixture of these and your own, to help others learn about and have fun with latitude and longitude? Think of some ideas. 

Here are the latitude and Longitude co – ordinates for some European cities. These can all be found at:

along with the co – ordinates of lots more world cities.  Remember, we always give Latitude first (North or South of the Equator) and Longitude second (East or West of Greenwich Meridian.)

With permission, look up our ‘Latitude and Longitude’ song on You Tube:

Remember our definitions from the song:

“Latitude is the angular distance measured in degrees,

It tells how far from the equator any place happens to be.

Longitude is the angular distance measured in degrees,

It tells how far from Greenwich England any place happens to be.”

Don’t bring the whole game on Monday 15th April! – just a few ideas, sketches, notes, images and resources and materials if you like.  Some of you may want to make a game in a team so you might use different peoples’ ideas in the same game. We will make the games in class.

This can be a tricky concept but maybe with a bit of thinking and practice you can learn more about it, and help others to learn about it too.

The document below is a helpful map:


How can you remember which are the lines of latitude and which are the lines of longitude?