Science Week in Y4

We had two very interesting talks for Science Week and they fitted with our current topic ‘Light.’

Mrs. Roxby who taught us more about radiotherapy, x – rays and the way we can use ultra violet light to make our own ‘x – ray’ images. We really enjoyed this activity and we were lucky enough to have  a sunny morning to carry out the experiment.

Dr. Wostenholme taught us about chromatography using inks from permanent and non permanent markers. We discovered that there are lots of colours mixed together to make brown ink and we could separate these out using chromatography. She told us about how scientists can use chromatography to spot fake works of art by analysing paint.

In our Science lessons, we sorted light sources into ‘natural’ and ‘artificial.’ We realised that some objects are just reflective or shiny and are not light sources. We also investigated which materials cast the strongest and weakest shadows. Wood cast the strongest shadow because it was most opaque. Bubble wrap cast the weakest shadow since it is transluscent.