Party Wednesday afternoon

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that for reaching 150 marbles you can bring in a board game to play tomorrow afternoon along with a (small) cuddly toy. No phones or tablets please.

See you tomorrow,

Mr Myers


Topic Art Exhibition 6.7.18

After school on Friday, we will be opening the classrooms for our end of term topic exhibition. Parents, family and friends are invited to look at the work we have produced throughout our current topic: How can we convey character through costume?

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Mr Myers

Homework 27.4.18

Hi all,

The homework for this week is:

Maths – Two my maths activities on area and perimeter.

English – pages 44-45 – Commas to Separate Clauses


disappear            knowledge            occasionally        probably         separate

strength              mention               caught                enough              experience


Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you on Monday!

Mr Myers

Homework 20.4.18

Happy Friday everyone. Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!

The homework for this week is:

English – Grammar and Punctuation Book pages 44- 45 – Commas to Separate Clauses

Maths – Maths Mastery book page 21 -22 – Area and Perimeter Week 1 of 2.

The spellings are:

unique                         antique

grotesque                  colleague

dialogue                     catalogue

league                        fatigue

tongue                       cheque

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday!

Mr Myers


Homework 17.3.18

Morning all,

The homework for this week is:

SPAG book – pages 26 and 27, Present Tense and Past Tense and Verbs with -ing.

Maths – mymaths activity


illegal      disappear      impractical       unkind       impolite

incorrect      disagree       illogical       incomplete       impossible


Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Myers

Sheffield project – Wednesday 21st March

Dear Parents and Carers,

As an exciting culmination to our term’s project What will Sheffield look like in 2022? we’d love to invite you into school to see what we’ve been doing. So why not join us on Wednesday 21st March at 2.30 when we will be hosting a celebration event where we’d like to invite you into school.

Our wonderful children will be working on their stall based around Sheffield sports, shopping, parks and recreation, industry and education and you will have the opportunity to join them and wander around other people’s  inventive creations as well as looking at some of our 3D stadiums and parks we have created as part of our vision of a fantastic Utopian, regenerated Sheffield.

At 3.00 both classes will join together to present their individual group presentations and you get the chance to listen to all that we have been up to!

Mr. Myers                            Miss Bray                    Mr. Conway

Listed below are the groups the children in, though please note that these are the areas that children will be working on together in class for their presentations. So if your child has done something at home related to another area that is absolutely fine,  and will still be displayed on the stall.


LB      JC      KG      DK      HO      BS      AW


DB      CC      CH      NL      CQ      EsS


ZB      MF      LH      OL-L      AO      EwS      EW

Parks and Recreation

AC      MC      AH      RM      MM-D      KS      EmS


SC      MF      SH      OM-H      HP      MV      HW

Homework 10.3.18

Hi all,

Sorry I didn’t get the homework out yesterday, I hope you’ve had a good couple of days. I’m feeling a lot better so will see you on Monday.

English homework – In the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book pages 24 – 25 – Prepositions.

Maths homework – Could you please do the first unit on Decimals in you Maths Mastery workbook. I’m afraid I don’t have the page numbers but can confirm them on Monday.

Spellings to be tested on Friday:

confusion                     explosion                decision                   division                      television

collision                       revise                        decide                     confuse                      divide


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mr Myers

Homework 2.3.18

Hi all,

I hope the snow hasn’t been too disruptive and you’ve managed to enjoy it. The homework for this week is as follows:

Maths – my maths activity on time. Optional extra – you could play the ‘Time Pair’ game on page 14 of your Maths Mastery homework book.

English – pages 22-23 in your SPAG book – ‘Conjunctions’

The spellings to be tested next Friday are:

Scissors Muscle
Scent Ascend
Science Descend
Scene Famous
fascinate breathe

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Happy Friday everyone!

The homework for this week is:

English – pages 12-13 (Articles and Determiners in the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book.

Maths – Fractions activity on mymaths.


early question
history obey
build they
though grey
woman heart

Have a great weekend!

Mr Myers