Log ins for Y4

This post will stay at the top of the blog as a reminder of all our regular links.

Find Google Classroom in the top bar of our St, Wilfrid’s Home Page – follow the link there  St.Wilfrids Community / Google Classroom

Times Table Rock Stars log-in. https://ttrockstars.com/

TTRS log-in also works for:

  • Numbots (For those who were shown it)      https://play.numbots.com 
  • MyMaths – First level login details for children & parents are –

Username: stwil

Password: Numb3rs.

Children then login to their own portal using their TTRS login        https://www.mymaths.co.uk/


Maths activities can also be found here:

Maths with Parents https://www.mathswithparents.com

Class Name: Canary

Class Code: 681225



If you have a Lexia account, please log in and use it every day.


If you need to type in the teacher’s email to get started, please use p.devitt@stwilfridssheffield.co.uk

Please get in touch if you are having difficulty logging into Lexia at home.


Big Write

Well  done  to everybody in Y4 for their excellent efforts in our Big Write on Wednesday. We wrote descriptively using similes and metaphors to describe Hiccup’s feelings, the dragon cave and everything he could experience through his senses. Many of Y4 have really improved their punctuation, presentation and length of writing this term.  This is just some of the beautiful work produced. 

Geography and Science in Y4

Here are some really good examples of recorded learning that took a lot of organising, thinking and some research too. In Geography, we used maps to locate cities in North and South America. We have learnt and used the points of the compass to locate cities in relation to others. In Science, read about endangered species. We learnt about the different things which are causing this in the animals’ habitats. A lot of it is due to human activity. We learnt more about climate change, how it happens and some of its wide ranging effects on our planet.

We can be proud of lots of well presented work in our books!

World Mental Health Day

Today we spent some time thinking about our feelings and how we can stay happy, calm, positive and focused in the Green Zone of Regulation. Mrs. Connolly gave us a refresher lesson on the Zones, and we all worked out some strategies to help us if we are in the Yellow, Blue or Red Zone – feeling over excited and restless, sad or angry. The children should all be able to remember and talk about the Zones after our excellent lesson.

This is our Zones of Regulation display board, which we use to help us when we’re feeling sad, angry, frustrated or unable to focus.

Ms. Devitt led the class in a guided mindfulness session where we worked on recognising our feelings and appreciating that we all have distracting thoughts or worries, but we can accept these and work on being calm and relaxed. We learnt that there are no ‘wrong’ feelings but that feeling sad, lonely, upset, frustrated or angry a lot isn’t good for us, and we can find ways to get help by talking to parents and teachers, and by finding ways to focus our minds on good things.

The children have a little bit of homework for bedtime tonight, which is to stop, think and be grateful for 3 things from today. We have spent some time thinking about and appreciating how lucky we are, and how much we have to be thankful and appreciative about in our lives.

What are you grateful for today?

Sponsored event 12th October

We will be doing our fundraising activities for St Wilfrid’s Centre and the Bishop’s Walk on Monday 12th October.  Information has been included in the school newsletter newsletter.:

St Wilfrid’s Centre Bishops Walk – Monday 12th October
Throughout lockdown St Wilfrid’s Centre has continued to support a large number of
Vulnerable adults in the community . These have been very challenging times but as ever
the centre has risen to the occasion. We would like to show our support for the c entre
on St Wilfrid’s Day, Monday 12th October. Five people from the centre will be walking with
Bishop Ralph to complete the traditional Bishops walk. This is a major annual fundraiser
for St Wilfrid’s Centre.
At school, each class will be completing a sponsored event to raise funds. Class teachers
will be letting you know what their class is doing. If you wish to make a donation you can
do this via parent pay, the item will be called St Wilfrid’s Centre fund raising
day’. St Wilfrid’s will be extremely grateful for any donations and they will be
put to very good use.
Thank you for your support.

If the weather if fine, our class will be doing 20 minutes’ sponsored mini PE activities outside (keepie uppies, dribbling, bean bag throw, hula hooping etc.) If it’s raining, we will do our 20 minutes indoors consisting of exercise and dance from imoves.

If children are at home they can still join in with 20 minutes’ continuous sport or dance activity.

Thank you for your kind support of this good cause!

Please bring your reading book and reading record on your book change day.

Just a reminder of the book change days for our class. The children need to bring their green reading record book with the book they’ve finished reading back on their given day to change. They need to record a brief comment about the book they’ve read and give it a star rating. It is fine to keep the book more than 1 week if they haven’t finished it.  Thank you to all who have done this so well this week.



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Super Science in Y4

In our first two Science lessons on Habitats, we went pond dipping and then sorted the living things we found in our pond using a key diagram. We are really working hard at setting out our own work on the page and making up our own questions to filter each living thing out as we build the key diagram. We are learning what sort of question works best and why, and building up our Science knowledge and vocabulary.

We sorted the pond life, then we applied our skills to another set of living things. How many ways could you sort a fox, an octopus, a whale and a carp using a key diagram? Which questions work best to sort them?


Fun with Maths this week

We’ve begun our learning in Maths really well. Our first topic is reasoning with 4 digit numbers, and we really enjoyed the game we played where we had to choose 4 single digit cards 0 – 9 and generate the biggest 4 digit number we could. The person with the biggest number won, and we recorded our results using the greater than > and less than < signs. There was super, motivated work across the class.