So Long Folks!

Thanks to all you wonderful parents for your kind words and gifts.

It has been a pleasure working at St Wilfrids over the last few years and getting to know you all. I will miss you.

And to the children, you have been a wonderful, lively, fun and clever lot and I shall miss you all loads!

Happy Easter and best wishes for the future,

Ms Woodhead


Easter Projects

The children have done some wonderful work for their Easter Projects. I was impressed by the variety and quality. Well done Y4!

This week, because it is a short week before Easter, homework will be given out on Wednesday, to be completed and returned after the holidays.

Computing – Sorting Algorithms and Networks

Year 4 have been exploring how computers sort information into an order for example when sorting files into an order depending on size, date or type. They explored how to sort containers of different weights from the lightest to the heaviest using different  sorting algorithms. They found out that ‘quick sort’ is the best method for this.

We went on to do some Irish dancing to understand how to sort 10 numbers into an order using a ‘bubble sort’ algorithm.

The children have been then looking at sorting networks, exploring how the network can sort 6 random numbers into an order. Some children were then able to design their own sorting network for 3 and 4 numbers. Edith and Sophia demonstrated theirs on the whiteboard.




Visit from Mr Haddow

This week we were very lucky to have a talk from  Mr Haddow. In science week, we have looked at all the different careers you could have in engineering and Mr Haddow introduced us to yet another; Tissue Engineering. We had a fascinating talk about how cells can be ‘made’ in a laboratory  and used to replicate human organs, such as skin. We discovered that in the not too distant future it may be possible to make whole organs, such as lungs and kidneys and it may even be possible to print these with a 3D printer. Judging by the questions, the children found this incredibly interesting, so once again, thanks so much for coming to speak to us!

This week in maths we have been calculating the perimeter and area of shapes. As it was such a glorious day on Friday, we went outside and drew some square metres on the playground. This was a good opportunity for the children to gain an idea of the scale of rectangles drawn in square metres.

Finally, as it was the Big Pedal special breakfast on Friday, I would like to say a big thank you to all the children and parents who cycled or scootered to school. The weather was glorious and it was a great turnout. Thanks also to my daughter, Millie, who came into school to talk to the children about getting into cycling!


Literacy – choose 3 articles from a newspaper (this could be a paper copy or online). Complete the question sheet you have been given.

Maths – mymaths

Spellings: extend, extension, expand, expansion, confuse, confusion, tense, tension, revise, revision.

Happy Weekend!

Science! We love it!

Continuing with Science Week, we had a return visit from Mrs Scott and her team of physiotherapists from Hallam University. They got the children exercising and tested them with an exercise quiz. Everyone got active and it was really good fun. Thanks Mrs Scott!

We also had a visit from Mrs Wood and her team of engineers from Hallam. They talked to the children about perceptions of engineering and helped to open eyes about the wide range of skills and practices engineering involves. They also did some cool experiments which involved chemical changes. This resulted in explosions and candy floss! Thanks to Mrs Wood and her team too!


Maths – practise times tables on Times tables Rockstars.

Literacy – sheet on pronouns.

Spellings – discuss, discussion, express, expression, permit, permission, submit, submission, confess, confession.

Happy Weekend!

British Science Week

To begin British Science week, we were lucky to have an interactive lesson with Mrs Scott (Euan’s Mum) and her team of trainee physiotherapists from Sheffield Hallam University. They showed the children how the heart and lungs work and the importance of looking after them through exercise and healthy living. The team will be returning next week for more interactive games, so we are really looking forward to this. Next week, we have lots of exciting lessons planned to celebrate this special week.

I must also mention the Y4 boys who took part in the City Cross Country Championships last weekend. Displaying IMG_3895.jpeg

They won first place and are here with the trophy, which will be displayed in school! Well done Y4, we are all very proud of your achievement!


Literacy – comprehension questions on Matilda.

Maths – questions on fractions.

Spellings: responsible, regular, relevant, resistible, rational, irregular, irresponsible, irrelevant, irresistible, irrational.


Welcome back!

The children have come back to school refreshed and ready to learn after a well-earned break. We had an exciting day on Thursday with activities based around World Book Day. The children wore some excellent costumes and enjoyed our visiting poet, Bernard Young. I was touched by their kindness and support when we paired with Reception/Y1 to do buddy reading, as you can see from the photo’s.

20170302_140505 20170302_092620 20170302_140518 20170302_140531 20170302_140543 20170302_140548 20170302_140951 20170302_141002 20170302_141011


Literacy – choose your favourite character from ‘Matilda’ and write a description in your pink homework book. Remember to include lots of exciting adjectives.

Maths – worksheet on decimals.

Spellings – legal, logical, legible, literal, possible, illegal, illogical, illiterate, illegible, impossible.


The children will be performing a short piece on the clarinet for school only, during good work assembly. Mr Martin would like the children to practice the following notes and where they would place their fingers:

Mamma Mia

D C   DC




Also, could the children bring a small photograph of a rainforest animal which they can say in French. This will form the basis of some work in French on animal names and characteristics. They need to have this by Thursday.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Rainforest Projects

On Friday we started looking at the work children have completed for their homework projects on Rainforests. I must say, I was extremely impressed. Not only did they do some super work, but they explained what they had done and learned in a confident and clear way. We definitely have some future teachers amongst us! We haven’t see all the work yet, but well done so far!

20170210_134318 20170210_134802 20170210_135528 20170210_135844 20170210_135851 20170210_140443 20170210_141226 20170210_141310 20170210_142250 20170210_142257 20170210_144237 20170210_144952 20170210_145002


Literacy – learn a poem off by heart.

Maths – sheet on analogue/digital times

Spellings: forward, extreme, continue, consider,decide, measurement, measured, treasured, leisure, leisurely.


On Friday we were joined by Mrs Seymour and Jenny, on behalf of CAFOD. They came to talk to the children about the refugee crisis in the the World and how we can offer our support to the refugees by gaining a better understanding of their difficulties and by offering our thoughts, prayers and love. The children went on a pilgrimage around the school, stopping at different ‘stations’ and considering the difficulties the refugees must face. Finally, the children were given the opportunity to write a message of hope, which will be sent to refugees to various parts of the world.

Our warm thanks go to Mrs Seymour and Jenny, who took time and care to prepare this for the children.

20170203_093631 20170203_093858 20170203_095155 20170203_095229 20170203_095741


Literacy – poetry comprehension

Maths – Learn the Roman Numerals!

Spellings – weight, wait, various, knowledge, important, mismatch, mislead, misprint, misbehave, misunderstood.