Our Egyptian Day at Weston Park Museum

We enjoyed a fantastic workshop today all about the Egyptian afterlife and mummification process today at Weston Park Museum. We were all trainee enbalmers. Our poor mummy’s name was Fred, apparently, which doesn’t seem very Egyptian, but by the end of the morning we had him wrapped in bandages ready for his sarcophagus. The two mummies in the museum were fascinating. We learnt a lot about Egyptian culture, society, home life and religion as well as the afterlife. This was a super day of fun and learning and we will use our knowledge back in school.

What made the Ancient Egyptians so successful? Topic Homework for Y4

Use any media you like to represent your name using hieroglyphic symbols! The only rule is that the work must be bold and clear to read.

Go to


to learn more about hieroglyphics.
Also write some sort of fun or pleasant message (or it could be a clue as to where to find the Pharaoh’s treasure) in hieroglyphics for a reader to decode. This should be about 10 words long.
Hand this homework in by Friday 23rd November. Thank – you.


Trip to Weston Park Museum

On Thursday 15 11 18, Y4 Ms. Devitt’s class will be visiting Weston Park Museum for an Egyptians themed workshop in the morning and a look around the museum in the afternoon. The children will need a packed lunch. We will leave by about 9.30 and return before the end of the school day. Each child in the Y4 class should have brought home a letter about this today. The cost is £11.80 including coach travel. If you would like to come along and help please let us know.

Pond Dipping

Wednesday afternoon last week was the perfect time to go pond dipping. It was warm and sunny, and Y4 really enjoyed netting a few newts as well as other minibeasts. Back in class we constructed branch sorting diagrams to sort the pond life we found.

Poetry Day

Thursday 4/10/18 is National Poetry Day. As well as spending some time learning about poetry on that day, Y4 and Y2 will be meeting up to share and read poems together. If children have a favourite poem or poetry book please could they bring it in on Thursday to share with Y2? Thank – you!

Animal Classification

Today we revisited the idea of animal classification in Science and we gathered all our ideas about fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals as well as the large group called arthropods which includes insects, spiders and crustaceans. We knew an amazing amount about each group and we found out more using:


You can learn even more by clicking on the links with each classification.

R.E. This week in Y4

Our R.E. topic is Ourselves. We have explored the creation story and illustrated our favourite parts. We know the qualities God created in people and how God wants them to be used.

Look at our beautiful painting and drawing.

Maths games in class

Today we were making and ordering 4 digit numbers using different rules to make games in Maths. This could be tricky as we looked at the place value of each digit. We learnt a lot about solving problems, organising working and playing games!

We have had a good week in Maths and we are working well as a class and with our partners.