R.E. in Y4 this week

We have had a busy week in R.E. with our new topic on ‘Community.’ We have learnt what community means and thought about what it would be like if there was no community. We have heard some words from St. Paul advising us on how to make our Christian community stronger and we have written a recipe for a good, strong, Christian community.

As well as that, we are continuing with our prayer times which we enjoy taking turns to lead.

Meet and Greet Routine

Just a reminder about the meet and greet routine: 

  • In both playgrounds, teachers will be out ready to meet and greet at 8.45am
  • A first, warning bell gives 2 minutes notice for children to say goodbye to parents and start to get into line
  • The second bell rings at 8.50am to signal the start of the day
  • In KS2 there is a short prayer together before children walk in with their teachers; in KS1/Reception they go straight in with their teachers.
  • Unless they are involved in a specific early morning intervention, children should not be coming through school or into cloakrooms before school starts.
  • For safety reason no ball games are allowed on school grounds before and after school

Thank you for your co-operation





Reindeer Races!

Well done to everyone who participated in the Sprout & Spoon race and the Balance the Carrot on your Head Race on Wednesday. The standard equipment of antlers came in very handy for retaining the carrot! Full marks for technique! And as for Pass the Christmas Pudding….we were experts!

We had lots of fun and raised plenty for St. Luke’s. Thank you to all for your generous giving.

End of Topic Exhibition Event Y4

Our Egyptians Exhibition will take place on Tuesday 11th December at 2pm until the end of the school day or perhaps a little later if parents and carers cannot  make it until hometime. It is not planned to be an hour of presentations. It will be more like a museum full of exhibits with the children as curators and experts on their chosen aspect of Egyptian history. Visitors are welcome to visit the exhibits and hear the information as well as ask questions. We hope that as many as possible of you will be able to come for a few minutes.

Advent Services Y4

As part of our preparation in Advent we will be holding simple Advent services in our classroom at the end of the day. We would love to have you join us at 3pm.
Mrs Clack has a sign up sheet in the office for our class. Our services will be held on :-

Week 1 – Monday 3rd December,  Tuesday 4th December  and Friday 7th December.

Week 2 – Monday 10th December, Tuesday 11th December and Wednesday 12th December.

Week 3 – Monday 17th December, Tuesday 18th December
There will be spaces for 4 parents at each slot.
Also we will be sending a prayer format home for your child to write a short prayer. If they could write it down on the sheet provided and bring it in when done that would be great. We will collect them together to make an Advent prayer book to use in the services. Many thanks.

Fabulous Shabtis!

In our Topic learning we are deciding on what we would like to show in our Ancient Egyptian Exhibition. We are planning how we will present it with our team (or on our own if we prefer) and what we will need for this.

We also decorated our Shabti figures which we made at the museum. Shabtis were put with mummified bodies as servants for the afterlife. We designed the kind of shabti we would like to serve us!IMG_0398[1]

Egyptians Exhibition Postponed

I’m very sorry for the late notice about this –

Please note that the Egyptians topic exhibition will not take place tomorrow 27 11 18 as stated in the termly newsletter. We need some extra time to be ready for this!

The Exhibition will now take place on Tuesday 11th December at 2pm until the end of the school day or perhaps a little later if parents and carers cannot  make it until hometime.