Jorvik Trip Tomorrow!

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Hi Everybody,

We are very excited to be going to York tomorrow to the Jorvik Viking Centre. We will be leaving school at 8am promptly. Please make sure you are at school for this time as we need to leave on time! Please also remember to bring a packed lunch and a snack for the day and don’t forget to bring £3.00 for the shop. You may also wear your own clothes, please wear sensible footwear as there will be a lot of walking and bring a warm coat.

Many thanks,

Miss Kidd





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Next week, we will hopefully be making our Viking Shields. I am looking for large pieces of cardboard to facilitate this. If you do have any spare cardboard at home, please do send it in.

Many Thanks,

Miss Kidd

Strange letters arrive in Y4!

On Monday, we had a very odd delivery. All of the children received a letter from Hogwarts offering them a place at the school! They were, as you can imagine, very excited at the prospect of this! We will be responding to the letters and sending a reply to Hogwarts this week, let’s hope the owls will arrive to transport our letters back to Hogwarts…How very exciting!!



In science, we have been learning all about teeth. We had lots of fun using mirrors and identifying the different types of teeth in our mouths and their purpose. We were then given a selection of vegetables and fruit to eat and we used the mirrors to observe how our teeth chew the different types of food.

Maths Problem Solving

Last week, we worked in groups to solve a maths problem. We were given 20 digit cards and asked to put them in to 6 unequal piles but the digit cards needed to add up to the same amount in each pile. We found this quite tricky at first but once we had found a formula to follow, we were able to solve this difficult maths challenge!

Launching Twitter!

We will now be having our very own class Twitter pages. These will be linked to the blog, so each time I post on the blog, the link will go to Twitter and if you follow the class twitter page then you will get a notification. In order to celebrate the launch, all of the children were asked to work in pairs and create a picture for our Twitter profile picture. We focused on our class bird – The Canary and all of the children had a great time creating their very own canary pictures. Mrs Sadler then looked at all of the pictures and made a decision on which picture would be our class profile picture. Congratulations to Denisa and Erin on their fantastic bird art work! This has now been uploaded to the Y4 Twitter page.


Please Help!

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Hi Everyone,

As you know, as part of our topic work, we are very excited to be going on our trip to the Jorvik Museum in York on Friday October 20th. We are looking for two parent volunteers to accompany us on the trip so if you are available and would like to join us, please let me know.

Many thanks,

Miss Kidd