Geography Topic Big Finish – ‘Come on a Great American Road Trip!’

Thank you to all the adults who dropped into our classroom to see the children’s topic themed games and presentations. The children worked hard to show their knowledge and present it well. The games featured some challenging questions about the locations found along the USA’s iconic Route 66, which gave the children the chance to build knowledge and apply skills around map reading, compass points, climate and physical and human features of places. The level of detail was excellent! The children were confident in engaging their visitors with their games, and the repetition of the facts involved meant that they were learning in a motivating way!

Y4 Fun Day Thursday 12th December

On Thursday 12th December, Y4 will hold their fundraiser for St. Luke’s which our school councillors have helped to organise with Mrs. McLoughlin. It will be a Fun Day. The children may come in non – uniform for a donation of up to £1 – I am aware of the many requests for donations at this point. Thank – you for your generosity. Included in their donation and at no extra cost,  they will also get to have a go at some fundraising games (e.g. guess the teddy’s name,) and we will raise money from other classes with these games, to give the children an experience of fundraising. In class we will have craft activities and a whole class game, among other things. The children may also bring a toy or game from home to play with for part of the day (no electronic toys/tablets etc. please.)

Thank – you for your kind support of our Advent fundraising activities.

Geography Topic ‘Big Finish’ and Y6 Fundraiser Christmas Market Wed 27 11 19

Just a reminder that Y4 are hosting the ‘Big Finish’  to their Geography topic ‘Can you come on a great American road trip?’ They have made board games or presentations about the cities on America’s iconic Route 66. Parents are welcome to spend some time with us in the classroom seeing the  work and playing the games! We will invite other classes to visit and play too, if they have time. This is from 2pm until home time in the Y4 classroom.

Also, Y6 are hosting their Christmas market fundraiser in the hall from 1.45 – 3pm. Y4 will be going in from 1.40 – 2pm so if your child could bring a little money to spend at the market that would be super. Any parents are welcome at the market too, Y6 tell me!

There will be news soon about Y4’s fundraising ‘Fun Day’ planned for us by our school council members in aid of St. Luke’s.

Trip to Weston Park Museum 22 11 19

Y4 had a fantastic time today at Weston Park Museum. In the morning they looked at lots of bones from the museum’s collection and compared animal skeletons with the human skeleton. They saw animals’  teeth and drew conclusions about the animals’ diet. They increased their knowledge of bone names, and handled some amazing bones including an elephant’s and a giraffe’s skull.

In the afternoon they studied the Joe Scarborough exhibition, followed a gallery trail around and recorded their favourite parts of the paintings by observing and sketching.

The gallery was busy as there was a musical performance taking place towards the end of our visit, but the children were very well behaved and the gallery staff said that they were very impressed.

Well done Y4 for excellent learning and enjoyment today!


Learning About Joe Scarborough


In Art Y4 are beginning to learn about the work of the artist Joe Scarborough who has painted scenes of Sheffield life for 50 years. His career is currently being celebrated by an exhibition of his paintings at Weston Park Museum called ‘Life in the Big Village.’ We will see this exhibition on 22nd November when we visit.

With Mrs. Glossop on Wednesday, the children sketched their chosen parts from Scarborough paintings and shaded using the bright colours they can see in the pictures. They have really enjoyed this start to their Art unit and they will be learning more about painting and colour mixing as they go on.


For Your Information

(The following information will also be sent out as an email. Thank – you for your support.)
Dear Parents of the Y4 Class,
Please note that next Monday 11th November will be our final swimming session at Mylnhurst pool. The children will need to bring a t – shirt and shorts to wear over their swimming costume/trunks to practise water safety for this session. 
Please note also that our class topic celebration afternoon which was scheduled for Wednesday 13th November will now take place on Wednesday 27th November from 2pm in the Y4 classroom. It will be a chance for the children to show and share their work so if you can drop in at any point between 2pm and hometime that would be great. 
Finally, if any parents would like to accompany us on our class trip to Weston Park Museum (all day Friday 22nd November) please let Ms. Devitt know as soon as possible. 

D&T Sandwich Making in Y4 with Mrs. Glossop

Thank you to everyone for sending in the bread, spreads and fillings on Wednesday so that Y4 could try out their sandwich making skills, and a big thank you to our parent helpers! Being able to prepare food for yourself is an important and exciting skill to learn. The children have sampled a variety of breads and maybe been brave enough to try new fillings, as well as use a knife to cut and spread. Well done Y4.

Fabulous skipping skills!

Super skills and lots of concentration were needed today for our skipping workshop! Some of the children took part in the performance at the end of the day for the whole school, and everyone will have the opportunity for more skipping activity at playtime. Thank – you to Y4 for their great participation.